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Its business items include dealing securities listed in HKEX, bond, ETF and related investment products.

Asset Management


QMIS Asset Management focus on providing comprehensive asset management services.



Bond is a note/certificate issued by governments, governmental organizations or private companies.

Mutual Funds


We provide the world's fund managed by leading fund management companies with professional investment advice for customers establish the fund portfolio and diversify the risk.

Financial Planning


QMIS Financial Assets Management Limited is a member of QMIS Financial Group. We aim to develop long-term relationships with our valued clients.

Discretionary Management Account


Help clients make the best investment decisions.


Investment Market Update
Market Watch - U.S. stocks callback China-U.S. relations unpredictable; China supports Hubei Free Trade Zone
Market Watch - Peripheral markets continue to rise; US calls for Chinese flights to stop; multiple companies clarify land-sharing economy
Market Watch - U.S. stocks rise in succession; who learns from CEO that the data is true; Cambrian science and technology board meets
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